It Is Right Around The Corner

Are you ready for it, that is Christmas. It seems like right after Thanksgiving all you have to do is blink an eye and you see all the Christmas decorations have magically appeared. As if the Christmas elves came overnight and decorated the city. I have always loved Christmas, but through the years I had become a Scrooge. Yes, a bah humbug person. And that was just because I really did not have what I wanted for it to be the holiday that I thought it should be. But deep down inside of me I was always looking at the Christmas movies and feeling so much love inside of me. Till one day I finally woke up and decided that I was no longer going to be that scrooge person anymore. What I find most peculiar though is that Christmas and New Years are the only two holidays that people feel we should be good to each other and come together. When in actuality we should be this way all year long. I love this time of the year especially when it starts to snow, But what I love the most is curling up So if anyone out there feels like being a scrooge or thinking that they do not have the holidays that they want or deserve, just remember to be thankful for what you have. For someone out there may not have it as good as you do.

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