The Cray-Cray

Everybody has that one family member, who everyone thinks is weird. But yet they have to invite them to family functions, for they are family. This is the person that everyone says, Uncle or Aunt so is coming. So you know we just have to put up with them for this day. But what they fail to realize is that this is the family member, that keeps the family together. They are the ones that make everyone laugh and smile. And once they have accomplished this they are someplace else in the house being very quiet. Probably in the bedroom watching television or in the kitchen sitting quietly and having a drink. And once the family gathering is over, this is the person that will remain on everyone’s lips. And they finally realize that they were so bad afterall. I know this person very well, for I have a couple of them in my family and I love them very much. As a matter of fact, I am one  of them. I asked my older grandchildren about the differences between their two grandmothers and they said, grandma Inshiqaq is grandma, but you are the fun grandma.  Yes I am certifiably cray-cray. I have friends who will invite me to functions just to get them started and make everyone feel right at home. And after everyone is enjoying themselves and are comfortable with each other, I am off in another room having a good time by myself with drink in hand. then someone will come an find me and say, hey everyone is looking for you. Then I am back in the mix. I guess I passed my craziness onto my daughters, cause they do and say some things that make s me say they cannot be my children but they are. And you know thinking back on it, I get my craziness from my father, fr he used to tell me these jokes that were so corny but they made you laugh. So I guess we all get it naturally. As you will see below. dsc_0453resized_20161126_171321

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