This is what happens when you leave your fries in a safe and secure place cause you have to go and answer the door.    

2 Little Monkeys

Yesterday we went to Myles first birthday party and after the party back to his m parents were we had these two little monkey butts playing together. Myles was one on August 18 and he other monkey butt Elliott will be one on Monday the 21.    

Talk to The Hand

Any body that has ever really sat and watch a little one knows that the say and do the silliest things. ┬áThis is my grandson giving new meaning to talk to the hand.    

Grandson Escapes from Shark

This photo was taken when we went to see Wonder Women, My grandso is such a trooper, he sat throught the wholw movie with his 3D glassed took a nap and woke up and never made a sound. Peopl were shocked when we were leaving because they all said “there was a baby in here.” […]

My Cruise

This year I was very fortunate enough to go on my very first cruise. I had always wanted to go on a cruise but was never able to see my way through to go. But thanks to a very dear close and personal friend I was able to go. And now that I have, I […]