The Cray-Cray

Everybody has that one family member, who everyone thinks is weird. But yet they have to invite them to family functions, for they are family. This is the person that everyone says, Uncle or Aunt so is coming. So you know we just have to put up with them for this day. But what they […]

It Is Right Around The Corner

Are you ready for it, that is Christmas. It seems like right after Thanksgiving all you have to do is blink an eye and you see all the Christmas decorations have magically appeared. As if the Christmas elves came overnight and decorated the city. I have always loved Christmas, but through the years I had […]

The Beauty of Fall

This is the actual beauty of fall the beautiful green foliage  turning into bright colors of red,  orange and brown. The further upstate you go the more beautiful the trees get.  And then after all this beautiful  color change you end up with this last result. The time tasking job of raking up all of […]

Gone But Not Forgotten

Okay, so I am  native New Yorker, but one of my favorite football teams is the New England  Patriots. Call me a traitor if you like, but I like who I like. I became a Patriots  fan when Jr. Seau got drafted to the team. I have been a Seau fan from the time he […]